Having started out as a lawyer in 1996, I worked for Bang & Olufsen as Legal Advisor and Head of Customer Service for five years before going freelance with the foundation of my own law firm.

Horses have always played an important role in my life, both in my free time, where I assumed the role of horseowner, hunter and dressage rider, and in my career. These days, as a lawyer, I offer advice both nationally and internationally on all legal matters concerning horses. As an authorized expert, I furnish expert opinions for insurance companies, private individuals, law courts and authorities. (>> Areas of expertise) My clients include private and professional horseowners as well as insurance companies, organizations, clubs, studs, livery yards and horse-trading businesses. International law firms that do not employ specialists in this area also appreciate being able to cooperate with me.

Furthermore, I make regular contributions concerning questions of substance and judicial subjects to trade journals such as Cavallo (German magazine) and British Dressage. (press)