Why horses need a lawyer

Did you know that since 2002, German law has been treating horses as conventional commodities akin to cars and washing machines?

Did you know that the contractual clause "... purchased 'as is' and tried out, liability of any kind is excluded" can pose significant liability risks even for private horse sellers?

Did you know that many standard contracts are invalid?

Many contracts that are available online do not represent the current legal situation and are therefore worthless in case of a dispute. A layperson will not be able to perceive this. Legal security can only be warranted within the framework of professional legal advice – the devil, as always, is in the details. Which is why any contract should be tailored to the individual needs and intentions of both parties. Standard contracts available for downloading from the internet, whether for free or for a fee, cannot provide for this. I consider such download offers – and that includes those of the big horseriding organizations – as dubious, which is why this kind of content is not available from this website.

Your horse should be worth an individual approach.